Timeline, Leadership and Closing

Timeline & Leadership

Project Period: Specify when you plan to start your project. If the grant guidelines do not specify when decisions will be made and grant money distributed, you will need to assume that it may be nine months to a year before the project can begin. Larger requests for capital purposes may be submitted years before construction begins. In that case you should determine earlier development phases and perhaps structure challenge gifts.

Leadership: Who will be leading the project and what are their qualifications? If special experience is required, specify relevant experience. It may also be a good idea to include brief information about key board members, the executive director, project managers and other key staff involved.


Follow Up: Close your letter with a  paragraph that states the next step, provides the appropriate contact personal and reiterates the project’s importance. If there is further information available such as  building plans or a video about the project you might offer that they are available on request. The letter should be signed by the contact person as well as the board chair or campaign committee chair if there is one involved.

Attachments: As a general rule it is best to leave further material out at this point.  Additional press or promotion can be reserved for the full proposal or an in-person visit. Focus on double checking to be sure your letter is clear, concise, and communicates your project well.

Inquiry Letters