990-PF Tax Forms

Description: The IRS requires non-profits with annual receipts of more than $25,000 and all foundations to file a Form 990 each year. These forms are public information and provide a wealth of valuable information. These forms are extremely useful for research purposes. In fact, they often provide more useful information than the Fountain Directory Online or other directories.

Online Access to Form 990’s: These forms are available online at an increasing number of places. We list a few of them here and you should also search “Form 990 online access” to find others.

  • The Foundation Center offers a free 990 Finder. Just enter the name of the organization and the state where it is located (along with the zip code if you have it), the year you want and then click FIND.
  • Guidestar offers 3 years of form 990’s for free and offers paid search level subscriptions for more information.
  • ProPublica allows you to search more than 1.1 million tax forms from non-profits to see donations, expenses, executive compensation and more.