“FC Search” Database

Gaining Access to the “FC Search” Database

What “FC Search” Database previously available on CD-ROM is now the Foundation Directory Online (FDO) and is available by subscription over the network.  There are several different levels of subscriptions depending on how much detail is required.

Description: The FDO is extensive, including over 120,000 grant makers, more than 3 million grants, over 200,000 grant recipients, more than 20,000 grant making public charities and 4000 companies, one million-plus Form 990’s, and some special capabilities at the highest subscription levels.  The amount of data available to the searcher depends on the level of subscription chosen (and paid for).

There are five different subscription levels and pricing plans available. The Basic Plan is $19.95 per month or $195 per year and includes the top 10,000 grant makers, over 2.4 million grants and 200,000 recipients.  Available data increases in steps through Plus, Premium, Platinum and Professional with prices increasing in each level.  Monthly

All of the available levels allow the searcher to  save and manage searches, have access to the names and affiliations of trustees  and officers, see information about funder applications, and relevant giving-related activities and any limitations.

The Plus Plan is $29.95 per month and $295 per year; the Premium $59.95 and $595 per year, the Platinum $149.95 per month and $995 per year, and the Professional $179.95 per month and $1,295 per year.

You can also visit Foundation Center Libraries and smaller “Cooperating Collections” to search FDO and that makes a lot of sense if you are considering a subscription. The smaller collections are available free in some libraries and other centers which are definitely worth checking out.  To find a location near you simply enter your zip code at http://fdncenter.org/collections/index.html