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 Email chats and online newsletters can be a great way to get information about awards of funding and competitions as well as to learn some excellent tips about grantmakers and others. The following excerpt from a message from a development officer shows what kind of insider information you can see if you know how to look:

“I worked with Keck several years ago on a new chemistry center project. Expect lots of questions, attention to detail, and a focus on institutional stability. Our President and Dean met with program officer Sandra Glass. The process took many months to complete. The reputation and qualifications of the chemistry faculty were key. Keck wants you to do your homework. Be ready with details, data, and stress how much of a PRIORITY this project is. Also Keck does THEIR homework. They will check your website to see if this project is presented as a priority.”

Many of the older newsletters and online forum groups are gone.  However many, many new online newsletters, journals, updates and alerts have replaced them — far too many to list here. Do an internet search on “philanthropy-related newsletters” or “philanthropy forums” to find extensive lists and choose those that seem most relevant to you.